Lunar Boogie was created by two lost space voyagers: Hekr and Kov.

In 1987 two ex-air force pilots, Kov (a Cosmonaut) and Hekr (an Astronaut), were on a secret mission of peace between the Soviet Union and Western Powers on the lunar space station DMX-808. After the collapse of the former Soviet Union, their mission was aborted. They were marooned on the moon for many years with only old analog synths, drum machines and stringed instruments to keep them occupied. Their love of Disco and Electro music from the 70’s and 80’s era inspired them to compose music. They eventually combined parts from analog synths and defunct rocket parts to construct a craft that would eventually return them to Earth.

After returning to Earth the two decided to create the label, Lunar Boogie, to release their lunar compositions as well as music from favorite artists and newly discovered talent.