Todd Terje Live Performance

Todd Terje performs his “It’s Album Time” LP on P3 NRK.

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Suicide Studio Blogs Waveshaper’s debut album “Tracks to the future”

For those who speak Spanish, check out Suicide Studio’s blog of Waveshaper’s debut album “Tracks to the Future”.

“Beyond mere wistful work without neglecting the romantic part of it, Waveshaper carefully generates a readily identifiable common space, with such solid reference as simple but remarkably complex in its development at a time, in which the retro merges with current to finish something that we will see that . . . the timeline does not stop, just disappears.”

You can find the link to the full Spanish article here.

You can find Waveshaper’s debut album, “Tracks To The Future”, at the following online retailers:

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Waveshaper’s “Sounds that Kill” EP out now on Telefuture

Waveshaper’s new EP, “Sounds that Kill”, is available now on Telefuture. Check it out. Its an excellent EP!

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Noiseporn blogs Waveshaper & Robert Parker’s “Modern Technology”

Noise porn blogs Waveshaper & Robert Parker’s “Modern Technology”.

“Modern Technology perfectly infuses ‘80s sounds with today’s modern electronic music. We think this track would’ve been the perfect companion for the Drive soundtrack, as its synth-pop vibes seriously remind us of Kavinsky’s Nightcall.”

You can find it here.

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New Waveshaper release with Robert Parker

Check out this awesome new track called “Modern Technology” by Waveshaper and Robert Parker. Great collaboration track!

Joakim Reimer discusses the photo shoot for the release:

“I had this shoot set up with Robert Parker and another photo shoot with Waveshaper planned for the next day and we thought that why not make something extra for their collaboration while we’re at it?

We took all the gear we could fit in the car, and went to the shooting location where we met with the owner of the DeLorean, which he kindly let us use. I think we all froze our asses of during this shoot, it being the middle of December in Sweden, but it was a great experience to hang out with these guys and working on making some kick ass images together.

Colored lights and smoke is a big part of the 80’s nostalgia for me, so shooting these pictures together with a pair of artists that are just as nerdy about the 80’s, if not more, was a dream come true. I’m a big fan of Waveshaper and Robert Parker so finally hearing their finished track was the final piece to this photo series, it really isn’t complete without it!” — Joakim Reimer

Here are some of Joakim’s photos from that shoot:







You can check out some more of Joakim’s excellent photography work on his Facebook page here.

The “Modern Technology” album cover was done by Shyguys:

Modern Technology Cover_600x600

You can find Shyguys’ music on Soundcloud here.

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Moog Sub 37 – Mono and 2 Note Paraphonic

Its monophonic as well as 2 note paraphonic (not quite duophonic because the envelopes and most of the signal path are shared). It has after-touch and a step sequencer too.

Its got the multidrive from the regular sub phatty plus its got the overdrive (like feeding the headphone out from the mini model D into the filter input). Filter are slopes directly accessible from the front panel. Basically everything that I thought were the shortcomings of the previous Phatty lines.

Looks sweet! Should be coming out in May of 2014.

Check it out at Moog

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Full Size Korg MS-20 Kit with Midi and USB

Finally a 1:1 replica of the original Korg MS-20 with Midi and USB functionality. Also it will include both filter versions of the MS-20 — awesome! No soldering skills required. Check out the original article at Synthtopia

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Kung Fury Action Comedy Trailer

This action comedy by Laser Unicorns looks like its going to be awesome! Time Travel, Norse Gods, Cops, Thugs, Dinosaurs and Villains. Soundtrack is gonna be by Mitch Murder and Lost Years from Rosso Corsa Records — yeah!

Check it out:

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John Carpenter Movie Themes Part II – Assault on Precinct 13, Prince of Darkness plus more

Here’s Part II — Its awesome too. “Assault on Precinct 13” is better than the original too!

Really cool skeleton in the vids. Awesome playing and sequencing.

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John Carpenter Movie Themes – Escape From New York, The Fog, Halloween

Awesome jams of the John Carpenter Movie Themes (“Escape From New York”, “The Fog” and “Halloween”)

I like his rendition of “Escape From New York” even better than the original. Check it.

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